Sarah el Battouty at the Fourth Edition of the World Youth Forum “Developmental Initiatives Confronting Poverty”

ECOnsult was a panellist at the Fourth Edition of the World Youth Forum in the session entitled "Developmental Initiatives Confronting Poverty."

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rates of poverty have risen. The session focused on the efforts of the presidential initiative Haya Karima "Decent Life", to reduce and limit the pandemic's negative repercussions and showcase the initiative with its successful role as the most prominent current development initiative.

“Today, I had the pleasure of participating in The World Youth Forum. Together with distinguished guests, the President of Egypt, the Cabinet, and youth from all over the world, we shared our experience in eradicating poverty post-pandemic challenges. As an entrepreneur and green advocate, I aim to ensure that poor communities have equal access to climate change solutions. That development that isn’t affordable and customizable for poor people is not smart or sustainable. We proudly presented the work that ECOnsult and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development have been doing for climate resilience in Egypt’s Decent Life Rural Development, Haya Karima.”
- Sarah El Battouty

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