Sarah el Battouty participated in the PEEB Cool Launch

Sarah el Battouty participated in the launch of the Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings Cool at COP27. The programme seeks to expand its operations to support countries in decarbonizing and increasing the resilience of their built environment.

With half of its 100 million inhabitants living in informal constructions and families spending a significant share of their income on air conditioning, Egypt is an excellent example of the urgent need and great opportunity of boosting adequate, green and affordable buildings to improve people’s lives.

- Opening the event, Sarah El Battouty, Global Ambassador by the UNFCCC High-Level Champions and Founder of ECONSULT, gave an overview of the situation in Egypt, starting by throwing a simple question to the audience: "Why are there so few green buildings?".

In her view, until we make green and smart buildings comfortable and beautiful, until we make them also affordable for the average person; until then, green constructions will not take off at scale.

In developing economies like Egypt, we see few green buildings because "green buildings are at the high end" and they are only accessible through very large budgets. (...) We must change this reality and make green buildings the new normal", she added.-

Get to know more about the event and the PEEB Cool launch at the link below.

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