About ECOnsult

Our world is facing ever-increasing environmental challenges. The construction sector and our cities must become sustainable and greener because this is the future.

ECOnsult is the first Egyptian company established to offer consultancy services which enable your business to operate sustainably, starting with the most important element: your people.

The sustainability mindset is not isolated to one business typology or department. We believe that all businesses should integrate a sustainable vision into their operations and implement it at all levels. In fact, the Green Economy is the fastest growing trend globally because of its efficiency in the workforce and its efforts protect the planet. But more than this, our aim is to help facilitate a harmonious relationship between individuals and nature.

As an award-winning consultancy, we can provide you with the foundational building blocks towards a more sustainable future, whether through sustainability training, urban planning, or energy auditing. We offer a wide range of services that will enable your business to make a positive environmental impact.

Customer Segments

ECOnsult is a partner with the highest accredited inspectors and auditors in Egypt, China and Italy. We provide energy auditing, modeling, LEED, BREEAM, EDGE and Tarsheed certifications.