An amphitheatre proposal for COP27 green zone, providing an open space for gathering following COVID-19 requirements. The arena aims to serve as a multi-discipline interactive space for musicians, lecturers, artists, indigenous communities, and global initiatives to gather and exchange knowledge. It is a space to express initiatives, culture, and natural heritage through arts and discussions.

The amphitheatre is divided into an exhibition and a platform stage. The exhibition area seeks to be a space to display products and artworks of artisans and artists with a role in climate awareness. The platform stage aims to host informal concerts, lectures, and talks.

The architecture is proposed to be in rammed earth, honouring local Egyptian materials. In the amphitheatre perimeter, a shaded archway developed with half arches in wood creates an in-out area as a flexible space that invites access to the interior space. The half arches hold a Mashrabeya pattern, showcasing Egyptian traditional cooling solutions.

Sustainable Features

  • Local and Natural Materials
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Client: Ministry of Environment
Location: COP27 Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Date: 2022
Tags: Knowledge Exchange, Flexible Space, Equality

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