Banque Misr New Mansoura

A bank branch building registered with EDGE to achieve EDGE Advanced certification with more than 40% savings. The aim of this project is to achieve the highest quality and efficiency of interior environment, in which employees and customers can have the optimum experience in terms of space, thermal comfort, natural lighting, reliable artificial illumination and appropriate air conditioning.

Sustainable Features

  • For the indoor landscape area, native plants that don’t consume much water are planted and a drip irrigation system is designed. A water meter is installed to monitor water consumption throughout the project.
  • All materials are locally sourced and low VOC paint is used to minimize pollutants inside the building and provide a fresh clean environment for the users.
  • Water-saving devices are used throughout the building
  • External shading devices are used to reduce heat entry to the building
  • Efficient interior lighting is provided using LED lights
  • TRIPLEX double glazed windows are used to ensure thermal comfort and reduce heat gain to the building
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Client: Banque Misr
Location: Egypt
Date: 2021
Tags: Ecobranch, Materials Localization, Sustainable Awareness, Inclusive Branch, Corporate Identity

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