Eco Workspace

This is a concept design for a LEED Zero-certified and fully sustainable headquarters for ECOnsult. This project has generated the ultimate energy efficient workplace, its main aim being to create a healthy work environment that improves the wellbeing of its employees using biophilic design.

Sustainable Features

  • For the indoor landscape area, native plants that don’t consume much water are planted and a drip irrigation system is designed. A water meter is installed to monitor water consumption throughout the project.
  • All materials are locally sourced and low VOC paint is used to minimize pollutants inside the building and provide a fresh clean environment for the users.
  • Water saving devices are used throughout the building
  • External shading devices are used to reduce heat entry to the building
  • Efficient interior lighting is provided using LED lights
  • TRIPLEX double glazed windows are used to ensure thermal comfort and reduce heat gain to the building
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Location: Egypt
Date: 2020
Tags: Energy-Efficient Workplace, Waste Management, Wellbeing, Healthy Environment, Biophilic Design, Low-Tech Solutions, Carbon Neutral, Economic Savings

ECOnsult is a partner with the highest accredited inspectors and auditors in Egypt, China and Italy. We provide energy auditing, modeling, LEED, BREEAM, EDGE and Tarsheed certifications.