Egypt Post Abu Simbel

In collaboration with IFC and Egypt Post, ECOnsult aims to deliver the first EDGE-certified post office multipurpose building near one of Egypt’s most important tourist destinations, Abu Simbel.

The building offers a post office, a museum and retail shops, all surrounding a courtyard that provides a passive solution for the high temperatures of Abu Simbel. The building is designed with the utmost efficiency in the three major categories; energy, water, and material.

Innovative design measures were taken to lower energy consumption by 50%, water by 20% and material by 20% compared with standard buildings. The building delivers a high-quality interior environment and effective thermal insulation, giving employees and customers the best possible indoor experience.

Sustainable Features

  • Low-flow lavatory faucets in kitchens, infrared electronic mixers in bathrooms, and low-flow flush tanks are installed to control water consumption and usage to prevent water losses.
  • Accessible ATM for people with disabilities
  • High-performance glazing
  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • External wall insulation to prevent heat losses
  • External louvres for shading
  • Bicycle racks to promote emission reduction
  • Waste segregation and recycling
  • Mechanical exhaust to minimize pollutants inside the building
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Client: Egypt Post
Location: Abu Simbel, Aswan, Egypt
Date: 2022
Tags: Ecobranch, Materials Localization, Sustainable Awareness, Inclusive Branch, Corporate Identity, Fares Village, Post Office, Museum

ECOnsult is a partner with the highest accredited inspectors and auditors in Egypt, China and Italy. We provide energy auditing, modeling, LEED, BREEAM, EDGE and Tarsheed certifications.