The design of the nursery and kindergarten encourages children to learn, explore and play. It provides the finest indoor air quality to combat interior air pollution. Created in two spaces, the first is named ‘Sunroom’, which includes the entrance common area and the multifunctional area. This space is therefore highly versatile, with interesting ramps integrated into the design. The shape of the openings on the wall, the walking paths, and the colours and materials used all try to create a variety of places for games and learning activities. The second space is a classroom area encompassing various functions. A wooden block containing a dressing room and toilet is implanted in the space, and the classroom becomes an open area that includes living, learning and rest functions. Sunlight enters the room directly, with colours defining different functions.

Sustainable Features

  • Healthy indoor environment
  • Lower relative humidity
  • Lower carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions
  • Optimum temperature for each space and activity
  • Natural Daylighting
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Client: CandyCan
Location: China
Date: 2015
Award: RESET, Indoor air quality
Tags: Healthy Environment, Quality Spaces for Kids, Plastic Free, Wellbeing and Health for Children

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