Pavilion Cafe

Entirely constructed from recycled discarded refrigerating casings and waste wood, the Pavilion Cafe is a unique eco-friendly building serving the park community. The project was self-built by volunteers with the use of recycled materials, a zero-cost solution that stimulated the architects to carry out design research comprising small documentaries , listening to the needs of the community and interpreting the place and uses of the landscape behind it as a background with the desire to dialogue with the place, with the aim of combining the various scales of the project. The environmentally respectful design strategy of the pavilion transformed local materials, functions and context into a temporary iconic landmark for the community, delivering a bright and novel festival scenario through its innovative and understated approach.

Sustainable Features

  • Uses recycled and local materials
  • Encourages community engagement and volunteering
  • Spreads recycling awareness
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Client: Noceto community
Location: Italy
Date: 2015
Award: ZERO Emissions
Tags: Recycle Materials, Eco-friendly Building, Zero-cost Solution, Upcycling Waste, Responsible Consumption and Production

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