Rochem Green HQ Suez

A sustainable headquarters for Rochem designed to achieve a reduction of more than 20% in energy and water usage and environmental impact.

Sustainable Features

  • Low flow lavatory faucets in kitchens, Infrared electronic mixers in bathrooms, and low flow flush tanks are installed to ensure the control of water consumption and usage to prevent waste.
  • Use of local materials with appropriate thermal mass
  • Accessible ATM for people with disabilities
  • High-performance glazing
  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • External wall insulation to prevent heat losses
  • External louvres for shading
  • Bicycle racks to promote reducing emissions
  • Waste segregation and recycling
  • Mechanical exhaust to minimize pollutants inside the building
Client: Rochem
Location: Egypt
Date: 2018
Tags: Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Environmental Preservation

ECOnsult is a partner with the highest accredited inspectors and auditors in Egypt, China and Italy. We provide energy auditing, modeling, LEED, BREEAM, EDGE and Tarsheed certifications.