WIND Showroom

The space is organized starting from the reception area, from where the production line is visible to the rear. On entering, visitors are immediately immersed in the history of the company – storia – and experience the products. The meeting rooms’ volume divides the exhibition area from the production line show. At the end of the booth the space opens up again, enabling materials, products and production line to be seen as an interconnected system. From the perspective of economic and environmental sustainability, we decided to work with reused bronze and wood, both of which are waste products from the production line. The structure is then constructed from metal profiles, both to optimize the process of prefabrication and installation and to enable the re-use of the same structure for future exhibitions.

Sustainable Features

Reused bronze and wood from the left-overs of the WIND production line are used in the prefabrication and installation process.

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Client: WIND
Location: China
Date: 2015
Tags: Recycle Materials, Upcycled Waste, Responsible Consumption and Production

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